I specialize in residential window cleaning but am also experienced in commercial window cleaning as well.  I can handle post construction cleanup, new houses, old houses, ancient houses...

Above second story height I utilize a water-fed pole for cleaning high glass.  It is much safer for me and for your property than hauling around giant ladders.  

I also offer residential and light commercial power washing services.  I use an industrial belt-drive power washer with hi-flow/low pressure attachments to safely clean your property.

My Goal

I want to give you the best service I can at a price we can both afford.  This is how I earn my living and I try to excel at it and incorporate new and safer technologies to leave your property looking great.  I am upfront and honest about the price and your expectations.  I've built a strong trust with my clients over the years and would be happy to provide references.

What I clean

  • Local banks
  • National banks
  • Municipal buildings
  • Schools
  • Storefront
  • Residential
  • Restaurants
  • Pressure Washing